We’re already at 490ppm, folks.

Steven Chu was head of the US Department of Energy (back in the day when qualified people were appointed by the President). His quick appraisal indicates that we’re a long way from mitigation, i.e., we’re already at 490ppm of CO2-equivalents.

2 thoughts on “We’re already at 490ppm, folks.”

  1. Tis a pity neither Mr. Chu nor President Obama replied to multiple inquiries from a group of Silicon Valley scientists beginning in 2008 when we engineered fuels, grids, transmission systems, desal, waste mgmt, wind turbines, solar, tidal, wave and a host of products to cure this nearly 10 years ago, including the financials and international law to get it done. As for suppressing the harsh reality of the numbers, we’re likely to be extinct in under 10 years not due to lack of technology, rather deafness on the part of current, soon to be past political leaders, blindness on the part of incoming leaders and the math is far worse than even Mr. Chu cares to admit publically. A hail Mary hope and prayer radical series of events is required just to achieve a 1% slim chance to avoid extinction. I doubt Mr. Chu will reply before time is up in barely 10 days, but I remain eternally yours…the optimist.

  2. Follow the money, dear Sir. The corporation will have its profit and increase the wealth of its shareholder at any price. Thus, your planet is done for and we suggest you pick another one and get there post haste. Where yet another corporation will be happy to extol more from you than you currently have. But we accept easy installments, so not to worry.

    Seriously, just follow the money part and you will discover whom might want us all dead. It’s working, and I am crushed to say it to you. Thank you for your efforts.

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