Voicemails from the future

The Future Coast project is a truly impressive “audio” version of what we’re doing here. Check out their site (and your potential future).

There’s a lot we don’t know about our possible futures, but one thing we do: it’s got a software glitch in it, in the voicemail system, which is sending their voicemails back to our time. As these futurismo objects we call chronofacts. Huh. Weird.

During the Fourth Chronofall (Feb-May 2014), people helped the Coasters find these voicemails – hundreds of them. The Coasters published them on this site, where anyone can listen to them and imagine the futures they must have come from.

(In reality, FutureCoast is a storytelling project about possible climate-changed futures. Anyone who wanted to could express their ideas of possible futures by recording it as a voicemail on our phone line. FutureCoast is thus a way to listen to diverse ideas about climate-changed futures and to be open to crowdsourced wisdom about them. Learn more about the collaborative storytelling game at FutureVoices.net, read our national press, and watch our post-game video.)