The last mission

By Xenia Artemiou

Joe! Wake up!


I saw another Mars bus in the sky.

Go to sleep.

But Joe, maybe we can get them to help us.

Look Mark, we decided to stay here on Earth and deal with it. I don’t understand why you would change your mind now, since it’s probably impossible to get to Mars.

Sorry Joe, but take a look at what is left! Nothing. We’re 400 meters above sea level but forced to hide in this cave to avoid skin cancer. We don’t have medicine, the fish have been exported to extra-terrestrial ecosystems, and the remaining animals are disappearing quickly.

Can I just remind you that you were the one who said we should hide and wait to restart with the others when nature heals itself?

And what are we going to do while we wait for them? For Nature?

We’ll do exactly what you said. We will work at night with the abandoned tech to keep going. Earth is a paradise!

I know what you mean but look at all the trouble. Who’s going to handle the radioactive material? Who’s going to rebuild after earthquakes? What about the contamination from newly flooded areas?

One step at a time! Fossil fuels are no longer being used, cars are abandoned, and meat production has ceased. We can eat the lab food and wait. We can hope!

Wake up already! That’s going to take years. We should’ve gone to Mars with everybody else and waited there.

I’m going to sleep. I’m staying here. I heard there’s a spaceship in Romania. You can helicopter there in ten hours, if you want. I was going to keep the chopper and fuel a secret, but it looks like you’re desperate.

You can adapt your way, and I’ll do it my way.

I’m staying here.

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