Call for submissions for volume 2!

We’ve just finished a successful Kickstarter that raised $660 from backers.  That money will fund prizes for authors who submit the best “visions” (short essays of 800-1,000 words) of how we might (not) adapt to life in a climate-changed world.

Visions are “fictional” because they take place in the future, but they are based on the storyteller’s imagination or practitioner’s knowledge.

Anyone can submit a story or perspective no matter the author’s background, qualifications or job.

There will be four categories of prizes:

  • Best story by a storyteller
  • Best perspective by a practitioner
  • Best story or perspective by an author under 26 years old
  • Best story or perspective by an author from an economically-developing country

At the moment, the first/second/third prizes will be $100/$50/$25 in each category. The prize will be higher if we get more donations 🙂

The deadline for submissions is 15 Sep, 2017 now 30 Sep (or 31 Oct)

Read the free version of Life Plus 2 Meters (volume 1) for examples of visions. Read up on the science or some “food for thought” blog posts to think more about how climate change might affect us.

To read about format and submission guidelines, go here.

If you’re ready to submit now, then please send your vision, bio and photo to

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