Life Plus 2 Meters (volume 1) is available in the following formats and costs:

Kindle: ($2.99).

Paperback: ($4) (£3.20) and (€3.64).

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If you’re curious, here’s the entire list of authors: Joseph Cohn, Joe Cotton, Binayak Das, Sarah Dixon, Daniel Hall, Majel Haugh, Chris Holdsworth, Lucas Janssen, Todd Jarvis, Catherine Jones, Nazli Koseoglu, Jennifer LaForce, Tran Thi Kim Lien, Ilaria Meggetto, Emma J. Myatt, Usha Nair, Kai Olson-Sawyer, Ralph Pentland, Annie Percik, Clay Reynolds, Philip Ridgers, Ben Ruddell, John Sayer, John Simaika, Roanne Van Voorst, David Zetland. Edited by David Zetland, with a Foreword by Henk Ovink.