Info for authors

We are no longer accepting submissions. This page is left intact for reference.

Dear potential contributor,

As I have explained, this project is devoted to exploring the many different potential impacts of anthropogenic climate change (ACC) on our environmental, social, political and economic lives.

We will explore those impacts through a series of visions of “Life Plus 2 Meters,” and I hope you can add yours! (We know that people learn better from stories, but scientists should also be storytellers!)

Visions can take the form of “stories” that are mostly fictional or “perspectives” that are mostly based on fact. Authors can submit a story or perspective, regardless of their qualification or location. This project is devoted to a multi-disciplinary (or cross-disciplinary) plurality of visions.

Read some posts to see formatting on the website or read volume 1 to see how they look published.

This non-commercial project will help authors and readers explore the different dimensions of climate change and adaptation to regular people who care about the future but may not have the time or training to engage in scientific or complex discussions.

If you have any questions, then please email me!


Submitting for Volume 2 and a chance to win a prize

We have raised sufficient funds (via Kickstarter) to award prizes of $100/$50/$25 for 1st/2nd/3rd place visions in each of the four categories of described below. (We’re trying to raise more, so please contact us if you have money or ideas 🙂

The deadline for prize-worthy submissions has passed, but you can still submit a story before 31 Oct.

All accepted submissions will be published on this site as “posts.” The best posts will be (a) included as chapters in volume 2 and (b) eligible to win a prize.

If these “rules” are unclear, then ask. We’re not interested in disputes or confusion and may change the rules to fit the project’s overall goals. Your question will help others, so please ask. 🙂

Submission guidelines

  • The submission should be written in English
  • The title is limited to 35 characters
  • The body text should be less than 1,000 words
  • No footnotes or endnotes
  • Use hyperlinks for references
  • One figure/picture suggested. Two figures maximum
  • A biographical author footnote with the following is suggested (you can publish anonymously):
    • Limited to 100 words
    • May include your background, motivation, affiliation, webpage and email address
    • Author photo recommended (not required)
  • Email your submission to Please use plaintext in the email body or a word attachment but not a PDF attachment.


  • Writers own the copyright for their work but agree that Life Plus 2 Meters can use it without charge on this site and in volume 2, if the work is chosen.
  • Submissions may be modified for publication if they are included in volume 2.

How will prize winners be chosen? 

Winners will be chosen by a votes allocated to Kickstarter backers and authors of volume 1. (Authors of volume 1 cannot submit to volume 2 and also vote.)

How much will winners receive?

  • There will be first, second and third prizes for the top 3 stories and top 3 perspectives.
  • There will also be first, second and third prizes for the best submissions by writers under 26 years old or from economically developing countries in either story or perspective format.
  • Submissions can win in only one category.
  • Prizes are expected to be around US$100/$50/$25 for first/second/third place.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What formats are acceptable?

A: Submissions can follow any format within the 1,000 word limit. (This limit is not hard, but a target.) No audio, video or picture (only) submissions please.

Q: I sent you my vision and you accepted it. Now what?

A: I will start posting visions as blog posts on this site after the 30 Sep deadline so that others can read and comment on them. Around that time, I will contact those eligible to judge visions for prizes, so they can choose when all visions are published. Most visions are likely to get published in Life Plus 2 m, Volume 2 (by the end of 2017). Prizes will probably be announced and paid before the book is published.

Q: What about publishing in other languages?

A: You can publish in another language in addition to English.

Q: Will you accept anything?

A: No. I will read submissions to make sure they are on-topic (i.e., addressing the impacts and responses to Life Plus 2 Meters) and reasonably logical in structure. I will send back  posts that are off-topic, confusing or containing spelling/grammatical errors.

Q: Who is a practitioner?

A: Someone with work experience in an area that will be affected by climate change, i.e., practically anyone who wants to think about potential futures from their professional perspective.

Q: What if I do not believe in climate change?

A: There are two answers for this. First, let’s agree to disagree. You can still write an interesting vision of how life might be different in a world where temperatures, sea levels and storm intensities are greater. Second, let’s remember that science is not about belief as much as facts that can be tested and measured and theories that can be analyzed and falsified. It’s with these ideas in mind that the “theory of gravity” is more like a fact than a belief. Beliefs do not keep a dropped object from falling, only facts (e.g., a rock in zero gravity vs a rock on the Earth’s surface).  The overwhelming theoretical and factual evidence in favor of climate change suggests that beliefs are not going to keep it from happening.

Q: Do I have to write about 2 meters of sea level rise?

A: No. You can write about any aspect of climate change and adaptation (or lack thereof). Thus, you can talk about higher temperatures, changes in storm patterns, water floods, flows or droughts, changes in ice or desert conditions, etc. These changes can be discussed in the context of their impacts on humans, plants, animals or feedback impacts on other environments. Some people call this genre “CliFi” (as in climate fiction), so use your imagination — but remember that readers will find it easier to “connect” to stories that have some familiar elements.

Q: I want to publish but I am worried about trouble at my work.

A: You can submit anonymously.

Q: Got any hints on writing submissions? 

A: Besides looking at existing posts or volume 1, I recommend reading Chapter 5 of Priceonomics’s Content Marketing Handbook, which ends with this:

Writing summary