A change in strategy

I realized last night that I got ahead of most people in pushing this project from publishing volume 1 of Life Plus 2 Meters to starting on volume 2, i.e., asking authors for new visions and asking readers to support those authors by contributing to prizes for the best visions.

I was too involved in the process to realize that others need time to appreciate how far we’ve come before asking them to move ahead. That was a mistake, and I am therefore resetting a few things.

First, I am going to suspend/cancel fundraising for prize money to award to authors submitting to volume 2. (All pledges will be returned at no cost to backers.) Although I intend to raise funds and distribute prizes to the best writing in volume 2, it’s too early for people to know what they are contributing to because people have not had enough time to read (and appreciate) volume 1!

Second, I am still looking for new visions, but the deadline is relaxed. As with volume 1, new (and acceptable) visions will be published on this site as they come in. At some point, I will announce a deadline for the last visions (April 2017?). Then I and others will select the visions for volume 2 and award prizes to the authors of the best visions.

Third, I will now spend my time exclusively on promoting Life Plus 2 Meters, volume 1, as we need a lot of people to think more about adaptation to climate change. (Get the free pdf or cheap kindle/paperback here.)

Thank you for your support and understanding.