From vision to understanding to action

The Life Plus 2 Meters project will help people think about and prepare for adapting to climate change.

This non-commercial, crowdsourced project has three steps:

  1. Authors offer their vision of a climate-changed world where sea levels have risen by 2 meters, “extreme” weather is routine, and humans must adapt to complex changes in environmental, social, political and economic conditions. These visions may bring optimistic, pessimistic, social, technical, macro, and/or micro perspectives to the discussion. There is no right way to engage this complex topic.
  2. Authors’ visions are published as blog posts for discussion and debate.
  3. In the publication phase (late 2017), the editor will collect and edit the best posts into chapters for a book, Life Plus 2 Meters.

Interested? Read about the science driving this narrative, why we’re using stories and visions, and how to submit as an author.

You can also listen to this three minute conversation in which I discuss the motivation for the project and how I hope to get “a thousand visions” of what life plus 2m would be like.