From vision to understanding to action

The Life Plus 2 Meters project will help people think about climate change impacts and adaptation.

This non-commercial, crowdsourced project has three steps:

  1. In the proposal phase (now), authors offer their vision of a climate-changed world where sea levels have risen by 2 meters, “extreme” weather is routine, and humans must adapt to complex changes in environmental, social, political and economic conditions. These visions may bring optimistic, pessimistic, social, technical, macro, and/or micro perspectives to the discussion. There is no right way to engage this complex topic.
  2. In the discussion phase (from 1 Sep 2016), authors’ visions will be published as blog posts here, for discussion and debate. Here’s a sample post.
  3. In the publication phase (late 2017), the editor will collect and edit the best posts into chapters for a book, Life Plus 2 Meters.

Interested? Read about the science driving this narrative and how to submit as an author.